4 Benefits of a Graphic Artist

Since people have accepted that no business should lack a website or online presence, they are creating websites and online shops. However, looking to spend as little as possible, they end up using free logo creators, stock images and graphs from Microsoft Excel thinking it’s all the same. However, most of the time this isn’t the case. The end product usually ends up looking like all the other sites out there lacking the personality to draw people in and keep them there. This is exactly why a graphics artist is so important.


In a nutshell, a graphic artist is a seasoned professional whose goal is to assemble images, motion graphics and typography to give your business identity and also improve its aesthetics. Not only do they make your brand stand out in the crowded markets, but it also communicates a sense of seriousness and professionalism that opens the business up to a new audience.So, why is it critical for businesses to have a graphics artist on its payroll?


  1. Communication

For a business, communication to their clients both prospective and acquired is key. Without proper communication, we find that connecting with the customers becomes increasingly difficult thus limiting the business. Some businesses will put across their message in words, while others will do it in pictures or even video. Studies from a Japanese institution showed that pictures communicate messages fast and clearly than words ever could. Especially with decreasing attention spans in the younger demographic, the aim is to pass the message across as fast as possible without compromising on the message. A graphics artist can do this while maintaining the brand’s identity.


  1. Boosting your brand


In today’s environments, nearly every business opportunity has been leveraged by those who came before us. For businesses with high competition, they need to stand out from the crowd to be noticed. Branding is crucial for businesses today. Brands are basically how customers identify you. It’s usually made up of the consumer-facing elements of the business such as company name, customer service, copywriting tone and visual appearance. This includes aspects such as your logo, website layout, font, marketing material and even colors. A graphics artist will help create a unique element in this respect that will help you boost your image to the clients since quality visuals attract viewers.


  1. Attracting business


The main aim of any business is to make money. As such, you aim to attract customers and retain them. This might take the form of redesigning the website, developing a new logo or even launching a campaign. Securing the services of an experienced graphics artist will help create and maintain a distinct identity that attracts attention, separates you from the fray and keeps your clients coming back for more. By having a graphics designer on board, you can create something special and unique to only you.


  1. Promote digital marketing


Images and video have proven themselves to be a critical part of a company’s marketing. While performing marketing campaigns, good graphics are key to nabbing a person’s attention and retaining it. Especially when it comes to content marketing, statistics have shown;Blogs with quality images get more views than their imageless counterparts by up to 94%. Social media posts on Twitter and Facebook show that content with images or video gets up to 2.3 times as many shares. Press releases with proper imagery increase viewership up by 45%


These facts are quite difficult to deny. For a business to excel and have its brands get out there, it needs a proper graphics artist. Not having one can cause different kinds of migraines. Hire one today, and you will not regret it.